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Heroic Ants
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Heroic Ants
14242 volte giocato
Aggiunto il: 2012-05-19
Descrizione: The rumor is that the world outside of the ants' colony is beautiful, boundless, and it gives plentiful food. The ants are so excited that they wish they could reach the blue sky, but at the same time they are also worried about the pesticides widely spread by humans. A little ant, our hero, has volunteered to be the adventurer and explorer, so as to gather more information for the expansion of the colony. In order to help the little ant to travel a longer distance, its fellows have constructed a leaf sling, so that the little ant can be sent further. Your goal in the game is to help the little ant to reach the distant lands by controlling the launching angle and power of the leaf sling. When the game starts, the little ant will sit on the leaf and get ready. Click and drag the string to set the launching angle and power, as indicated by an arrow-shaped power gauge appearing on the right of the sling. When you are satisfied with the setting, release the mouse button and the ant will be thrown. It will stay in mid-air before hitting the ground, and you may use the 2 power-ups displayed at the top left corner to lengthen its travel distance. Click the pair of wings so that the ant will fly upward for a few seconds, while the morning dew gives full rebounds to the ant when it hits the ground. When the ant is traveling, it will encounter a number of helpful plants, as well as some harmful creatures and objects. The ant can bounce higher if it meets a flower or a mushroom, and the falling leaves in mid-air will carry the ant for a while so that it can travel a longer distance. However, if the ant bumps into a bee or a butterfly in the air, both the ant and the other insect will fall onto the ground. When the ant crashes into dirt, part of its force will be absorbed and it will slow down, and if the ant hits a pebble on the ground, it will completely faint. The distance that the ant has traveled is recorded at the bottom right corner. The ant can no longer travel when it has lost all of his powers, and the total length of distance will be shown. Then the next throw starts and the game continues until all 5 throws have been completed. The best record of the distance traveled will be shown at the top right corner. Aid the little ant to reach the sky and to explore new possibilities by sending it afar!In this game the player control the angle and power of the sling by using the mouse to click and drag on the string, sending ants flying down the road to reach clean food. The power and direction of the launch is shown as an arrow on screen. As the ant travel down the screen, it will encounter many obstacles and helpful creatures. The goal of the game is to send the ant as far as possible.
Instruzioni: Use mouse!
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